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New music! January 1st 2024 the new solo album "Argo Navis" will be released! It is a fully instrumental album with atmospheric, ambient themes that will hopefully find some people enjoyable. Available on all typical platforms, including Bandcamp.

Late March will see two more releases from the vault. "THE RANDOM STRANGER" is an EP with non-heavy guitar music that would otherwise hardly make it on any of the albums. "THE FUZZY DAYS" is an EP with a compilation of some of the Stoner Rock/Stoner Metal type of songs Achim has written in recent years but never made it on an album yet (with one exception). As these songs nevertheless are too good to be hidden in the attic forever, we decided to make them public for people to enjoy. We hope you like it! 


On April 1st the new ACHIM SCHREINER solo album "The Final Straw" will come out. It contains 19 songs.
The album will be available on all typical platforms and streaming services. Note, that the TIMESHOCK records are available on Bandcamp exclusively though.


December 23rd 2021 will see the release of the 8th TIMESHOCK album called "CLOCKWISE".


September 1st 2021 will see the release of the 7th TIMESHOCK album called "POLARIZED".


June 1st will see the release of the 6th TIMESHOCK album called "SILENT AGONY".

On November 1st 2020 the 5th TIMESHOCK album will be coming out called "THE INEVITABLE".


NEW INTERVIEW is up! Last week I spoke to Rick from SANNE ROCKS.
Check it out HERE!


On June 22nd the 4th TIMESHOCK album will be coming out called "REAR VISION".


The second CRAVE FOR DAWNING album will be out April 10th 2020. The title is "VANITAS".


Achim's next solo release is out now called "RUINS OF LIFE".


The 3rd TIMESHOCK album is available from now on! It's called "TRANSFIXED"


The 2nd TIMESHOCK album is available from now on! It's called "SONIC METAL"


The new solo album "Memory Spiral" is out on 1st Dec 2019 on all platforms!


TIMESHOCK "Darker Than Blue" is an album of an entirely new project! Exclusively on BANDCAMP!


album will be out 22nd September '19 on DK Records! Check it out!


The new BLOOD RED SOUL album is out! Check it out on Spotify and all digital platforms!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2019 will bring a whole bunch of cool stuff and lots of music! Starting with the new albums of BRS, WOODLARK and CRAVE FOR DAWNING. Then a NEW solo album and the big announcement is that FIONA CREABY is the new official and permanent singer for BLOOD RED SOUL!

The new WOODLARK album "The Ascension" is out! Check it out!

BRS 19 FC live (10) d.jpg

ACHIM spoke with Miguel Ribeiro & Ligia Ferreira from HINTF Magazine! Check out the entire interview HERE!
BLOOD RED SOUL is also on the front cover of this month's edition.


We are really proud to announce LISA RIEGER from the german symphonic metal band HYDRA to be a guest on the upcoming BLOOD RED SOUL album "River Of Melancholia".

EINAR McCARTHY and ACHIM are in full swing working on the fourth WOODLARK album together. The title will be "The Ascension". A preview of the artwork is already available as well.


CRAVE FOR DAWNING is the latest project I am working on which is in the funeral metal/atmospheric metal kind of vein. Check out our YouTube channel and FB page!

Check out the new interview with ACHIM & ANDRA ARIADNA about their new project and what it's all about! Click HERE!

We are so proud to announce that ACHIM is teaming up with the talented and equally lovely ANDRA ARIADNA from Romania! They are working on two songs currently, "Unfading Skies" & "Pretended Love"! There will also be a video! Watch this place for more info!

FINALLY! The debut album of BLOOD RED SOUL "Symphony Of A Memory" is finally out and available worldwide and on all digital platforms! Make sure to check it out and to get your copy!

It is with immense pleasure that we can announce the last one of our guests which is the amazingly talented ELMAS! Elmas is part of the KITEENARIUM, the OCEAN SOULS choir and many other projects. Welcome aboard!

We are really glad to announce that one of the tracks for the BRS album will be called "Fade Away" and will be sung by the CLARE BUTTERFIELD-ELSEY from Wales!

Also a special guest on the BLOOD RED SOUL album will be our friend LEISL HEATH who is known from the british band EVENTUAL FATE! She is an amazing bass player and we are glad she can participate!

Fiona Creaby (FALLEN ARISE & APPARITION) will actually sing 2 songs on the upcoming BLOOD RED SOUL album "Symphony Of A Memory". It will be "Time Ran Away"  and "Destination Love".

New interview with Peter Vidani online at the BRS FB page!

With pride we can announce that my friend, the great MICKI RICHTER will be guesting on the upcoming BLOOD RED SOUL album as well! Micki is known from various bands such as KRAYENZEIT, LEAVES EYES, LIV KRISTINE BAND and others!

Just came back from the KSK MUSIC OPEN in LUDWIGSBURG, catching up with my friend ELINA SIIRALA (LEAVES EYES, ENKELINATION/ANGEL NATION) discussing new projects!

- Professional Recording Artist

- Multi-Instrumentalist

- Songwriter/Composer

- Author/Writer & Lyricist

- Musical Instructor/Arrangeur/Visiting Scholar

- has worked for international TV & Radio adverts and affiliated musical productions

- wrote music for various audioplays and short movie soundtracks

- has over 25 album credits under his own name and as a session/guest musician

- is regularly holding guitar clinics & workshops throughout Europe

- wrote short stories, essays, columns for print magazines and often guests as a guest author in several blogs (

- Guitarist/Bassist/Keyboardist & Singer at WOODLARK

-Guitarist/Bassist/Keyboard & Singer at BLOOD RED SOUL

- Guitarist/Bassist/Keyboardist & Singer in SANCTUARY OF STARS

-Guitarist/Bassist/Keyboardist & Singer in CRAVE FOR DAWNING
- Guitarist/Bassist in the new project TIMESHOCK

Check out the band pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!



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