Merry Christmas!

Hi friends!

We are already in the middle of December and Christmas is just around the corner. I hope you are all doing well and assume your preparations are in full swing if not already completed!

2019 was quite a busy year for the BRS camp and even more for me personally. Aside of the BRS album I was writing, recording and releasing several more albums, including the new WOODLARK album "The Ascension", the new CRAVE FOR DAWNING album "Red Dawn", my new solo record "Memory Spiral" and a new project album under the name of TIMESHOCK called "Darker Than Blue".

So it's safe to say it has been an entertaining ride, as it were. In one way or another, at least. And sometimes both.;)

However, I want to thank everyone who supported us in 2019 in whatever way you did! It all helps and is deeply appreciated! Thank you so much!

Also I would like to genuinely thank each and everyone that was involved in creating "River Of Melancholia" in 2018/19.

A massive THANK YOU to our guests, vocalists ANDRA ARIADNA & LISA RIEGER, PAUL CULLEY, who helped composing and arranging one of the songs, also LEISL HEATH for laying down some bass lines that didn't make it on this album but will make it on the next one and also thanks for her moral support! Most of all, a huge thank you to FIONA CREABY for everything she did and for really "walking the extra mile" under really difficult circumstances, just to make things work out.

After taking a few months off from all things BRS and after a lot of thinking and contemplating, I've decided to keep the project going though and to put together another album for 2020. So there will be new music and I have already some amazing stuff in the pipe which is just waiting to be filled with life!

We will have several guests again and with 3 of them I have already spoken these days and last week. There will be familiar names of the BRS camp but also new names, new faces and new voices that will do magic to the new songs.

Plus to the already existing songs and ideas, I have "officially" started the writing session for BRS 3 (working title) 2 days ago. So the next chapter can begin!

We will keep you updated about the progress of things and the entire process on a regular basis.

So let me close with wishing all of you a merry christmas, happy holidays and a great, peaceful and quality time with your family & friends, wherever you may be on this globe!

Keep on rocking, enjoy some family time and stay safe! Achim Schreiner, BRS

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