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Hey! I hope you are all doing really well and you already had the chance to check out our latest album "River Of Melancholia". These days I'm busy with other musical projects though. I'm in the final stages with the upcoming CRAVE FOR DAWNING album "Red Dawn" which will be quite a bit different from what you are used to hear with BRS. CFD is a kind of atmospheric/ambience/funeral metal sort of style and I am sure some of you would dig it equally as much as anything BRS. Also I am halfway done with my own new solo album that will go a bit into the blues/funk terrain again, after having neglected this style for way too long already.

However, as if this still wouldn't be enough yet we still have some more music coming up for you! Before the end of the year I will bring out an album with a new project called TIMESHOCK and this is something I wanted to do for a long time already. It's primarily instrumental tracks in the modern metal kind of vein with the odd vocal/grunt track here or there. But primarily instrumental stuff. Heavy, tight, musical but also aggressive. Dutch female guitar player T ANN will be guesting on several tracks which is a really nice experience for me. Firstly, because I am normally not used to have a second guitarist in a band and secondly as she is a former student of mine which makes me not only glad but also tremendously proud!

The future of BRS is not quite as certain as these other projects are. It is not always as easy as it seems and the musical path of a band can prove to become increasingly difficult to maintain, both on a musical and personal level. BRS has always been very dear to me and quite understandably so and I can be quite protective about my bands and brainchilds. Because if I am not, no one else will be.

It also requires to make decisions at times that do not always go down well with band members and which are not exactly popular but nevertheless have to be made. BRS will go into hiatus for a certain amount of time. It not only allows me to continue and finish the works on the other projects of mine and their respective album releases, but it also gives me some leeway to sort things out and find new musicians that share the same view finally again, the same work ethic, the same passion, the same creativity and the same overall vision on how the band is supposed to sound like. I know the essence of BRS, its musical heart and soul and sound very much. I've been creating it. First on my own and later with the help of vocalist and lyricist Ellie Kamphuis who added her own magic to the songs, both musically and also lyrically. If you listen to songs like "At The Waters Edge", "Tempest" or "Recompense" you will instantaneously know what I mean. I lately realised more than ever that this is the core, the essence of what BRS musically is all about and I want to keep it alive. This is the style that BRS has been created for.

Veering off too much from that into the melodic metal direction with certain songs is not doing the band justice and makes the band musically go to places I don't want to see it. While the songs itself may not be bad at all, it still means to swerve into a territory that is not the core and the heart of what BRS has always been all about.

A potential BRS 3 album will try to recapture that spirit again and make it shine in new, fresh songs that are equally powerful and symphonic and who share the same melodic magic (again) that made the songs on the first album extra special (despite certain production flaws at the time). This is the general direction that BRS will go again with a third album. To me it is important to have people alongside me that share the same joy, passion and creativity and who have fun at what they do. For who the work on the tracks is a joy and not a burden and who share the same mutual respect and the same chemistry. Luckily, I have some good people around me that are not only great musicians but who also continued to be close friends and close allies through thick and thin. And I will sort out the ones who do not share these values with me. Be sure of that.

The creating of BRS 2 ("River Of Melancholia") has been a long, cumbersome and increasingly arduous process on many levels, musically but partly also personally, without going into detail. I definitely don't wanna have that ever again. It has even brought me to the edge of disbanding BRS all together. However, I'm a "leo" and a fighter and I am very much willing to bring this ship on course again.

In that sense, have a nice autumn/fall and keep an eye on the other releases of mine that are about to come out still this year and that I mentioned above already! They will be musically quite different but no less interesting and you can certainly hear the joy in the music there (again)! 2020 will also see new music of SANCTUARY OF STARS again! The project of ANDRA ARIADNA and me has become the blueprint of a great collaboration for me. Andra is as equally talented as she is the close personal friend she has proven to be on countless occasions. Working with her is a joy from start to finish and you can very much hear that on each of the SoS tracks, I think. You can always hear such things and a great chemistry among the musicians. Equally I think you can also hear the absence of said chemistry in other cases. The listener does hear such things.

In 2020, BRS 3 will provide all this again. The musical essence of BRS, the breathtaking songs and melodies and the joy and chemistry. The whole package. You will see!

See ya soon! Achim Schreiner, BLOOD RED SOUL

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