The new album is OUT!

So ....finally our new album "River Of Melancholia" and we are all glad and relieved to finally getting it out for you all to listen to.

It's been a long and bumpy road to get there and for a myriad of reasons but we managed to complete it and everyone involved did a great job. We went to great lengths to make it happen and I thank every single person involved in this.

First and foremost, Fiona Creaby for her talent, effort and her outstanding vocal performances on the majority of songs and John Mcris who was the engineer and producer who recorded her vocals in the studio in beautiful Greece.

Andra Ariadna, my amazing musical partner and singer from my other project SANCTUARY OF STARS, who will blow you away with the opener "Neverland". Just like in SoS it was a joy working with her again, just like it is each time!

The lovely Lisa Rieger from Hydra who did an incredible job in singing the ballad "Giants" for us. Her gentle voice makes this song truly extra special. Vielen Dank!

Paul Kull Culley for co-writing and co-arranging the epic "Guardian of Forevermore" with me and Fiona. Paul will many of you know from Fallen Arise and Apparition where he shares his multiple talents as well.

These amazing people all were doing a phenomenal job under, at times, quite difficult circumstances.

There were also other people behind the scenes who did their part in keeping the train rolling. Among them friends, bandmates and fellow musicians like Einar McCarthy, Tanja Claasen, Olli, Robert, my old friend Lee Steinmetz and most of all my great friend Leisl Heath for never becoming tired of cheering me up and encouraging me to keep going during the rough moments. Thank you all so much!

We hope you will find the time to check out "River Of Melancholia" and enjoy the music we created together.

We are all still busy to accomplish other albums and releases in our other respective bands and projects. Regarding myself, this year will also see the release of the CRAVE FOR DAWNING debut album, my next solo album "Dimension Nowhere" and an album of my latest project TIMESHOCK. So there is a lot more to come, so watch out! đŸ€˜

Thank you all for supporting and following BRS since early 2017. I deeply appreciate it, always have and always will!

Achim Schreiner (Rainbow Walker), Blood Red Soul

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