Coming closer to the day!

We are finally coming very close to the release date which will be early August, the exact date we will publish next week. After a lot of delays and postponings, mainly for rather technical reasons, we finally have completed the recoding, mixing and mastering of the entire record. We produced Fiona's vocals in Athens/Greece at two great facilities, the Soundflakes Recording Studio and Hell's Kitchen Recording Studios helped by the amazing producer John Mcris.

The tracklist for the album will be: 1. NEVERLAND (feat. Andra Ariadna) 2. RELEASE ME 3. RIVER OF MELANCHOLIA 4. JUST FOR ONE NIGHT

5. GIANTS (feat. Lisa Rieger) 6. GUARDIAN OF FOREVERMORE 7. THE GRIND 8. HEAL 9. THE END OF THE ROAD These upcoming days we will also be able to present you the complete artwork for the album!

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