Happy New Year & Announcement!

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great start of 2019!

This year will bring a lot of new vibes and a whole lot of new music to look forward to. After "Symphony Of A Mem

ory" we were all busy with other bands and projects, but this did not mean a hiatus for BRS, as during 2018 we were brainstorming ideas and putting together all kinds of musical ideas to prepare what will be "River Of Melancholia", the new album due for release in mid-2019.

Aside of a couple of valued guests we are proud to be working with, we would like to announce to you the new permanent singer of BLOOD RED SOUL for "River Of Melancholia" and all BRS works beyond.

This is non other than the mighty FIONA CREABY, who many of you will certainly know from the British band APPARITION as well as from FALLEN ARISE.

For the ones of you who love BRS, Fiona is already a household name as she has already been contributing considerably to "Symphony Of A Memory", singing and co-writing two amazing songs of that album and so has been a part of the BRS family and inner circle for almost 2 years now.

Fiona will be singing the vast majority of the songs on "River Of Melancholia", including the title track and is busy putting the final touches to various tracks and the planning vocal recording. She is not only a massively talented and professional vocalist but also one of the finest singers of the entire genre.

We love working with her and we already had the pleasure to do so with the two songs we did for "Symphony Of A Memory".

There are great things ahead and lots of great music to look forward to! We will keep you updated and will post more info, pics and snippets during the upcoming weeks and months.

Also, we will announce the final release date right in time, so you definitely won't miss out on anything BRS. You can be sure of that!

Happy New Year! đŸ€Ÿ Achim Schreiner & Fiona Creaby, Jan. 2019 Blood Red Soul

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